A for Unapologetic

A for Unapologetic
NEXT Balkan: Albanian Contemporary Art in Sofia

The exhibition features eleven artists, representatives of the emerging art scene in Albania. Their presentation is part of the NEXT Balkan platform, which reviews trends in the contemporary art on the Balkans. Following the presentation of Serbian contemporary art in 2019, the current event represents the curatorial perspective on the Albanian art scene by Adela Demetja, founder and director of Tirana Art Lab – Centre for Contemporary Art.

Ledia Kostandini featured with her drawing project “Dear Balcony” – a quarantine diary

What is taking place on the contemporary art scene in the Balkan countries today? Can we find shared opinions and common trends? How do we see the “future” of art can and we talk about a shared narrative following the legacy of the major Balkan exhibitions?

This is a part of the questions that the NEXT Balkan platform attempts to ask and elaborate on.

Curator: Adela Demetja
Bora Baboçi, Diomen Boriçi, Eni Derhemi, Fatlum Doçi, Aurora Kalemi, Ledia Kostandini, Olson Lamaj, Ilir Lluka, Mirjana Meçaj, Greta Pllana, Alketa Ramaj
The exhibition is on display in Vaska Emanouilova Gallery and DOZA Gallery
20.04. – 13.06.2021

Organized by DOMA Art Foudnation in partnership with Vaska Emanuilova Gallery and DOZA Gallery.


Article / National Geographic

Featured in the article :

Once a state secret, these Albanian bunkers are now museums Creative ideas and art transport Tirana, Albania’s lively capital city, far from its Communist past.


Online Discussion | POP in Austria & Albania

The online discussion “POP in Austria and Albania”, organized by Zeta Center and supported by the Austrian Embassy in Tirane, was held on December 2, via zoom, with the participation of: Karl Wratschko, Ledia Kostandini, Nevin Bilali, Mikaela Minga and Joni Shanaj, moderated by Endri Dani.

Karl Wratschko – About the exhibition “POP 1900-2000”, held at the Graz Historical Museum. / Ledia Kostandini – POPing around the city / Nevin Bilali (Anima Pictures) – POP and Advertising in Albania / Mikaela Minga – POP and Albanian Music / Joni Shanaj – POP and Albanian Cinema


QUARANTINE ESCAPING PLANS (In case of a pandemic)

Zine project initiated by “PARAROJA”, an editorial / art platform in Albania


EVENT >>> Partecipating artists: Olson Lamaj, Blerta Hocia, Driton Selmani, Ledia Kostandini / curated by Olson Lamaj / Pararoja editions 2020

~ South by the Sea ~


Exhibition 10/07 ~ 02/08 2020

Artists: Ledia Kostandini / Theo Napoloni / Sead Kazanxhiu

Curated by Elian Stefa

~ Galeria e Bregdetit ~ Albania


GALERiA e BREGDETiT is an independent art space in Radhimë, Vlorë, in the south of Albania. The gallery runs an off-season program to present a different setting for a different mindset of the contemporary art scene.
The gallery surfs the dynamics between the local and the global, and the tension between human space and nature.

the OPENING >>>

Praznine 2020

AiResidency  Program / SPLIT / CROATIA 2020 / CULTURE HUB / Link

Temporary activation of temporarily closed spaces in the historical center of the city of Split

Between February 15 and March 7, five venues in the Old Town became open studios for artists and spaces for citizens. Through a public call “adopt a space”, citizens and civil society organizations were able to propose and implement their own programs and activities in one of the spaces. The rich program did therefore consist of open studios of eight artists from Croatia, North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, as well as workshops and pop-up events (artist talks and meet-ups).

‘Autoimmobile’ travels to Berlin

within the framework of:

HABITAT HAPPY x NEUROTITAN GALLERY BERLIN Habitat Happy shows international perspectives on housing, eviction and urban poverty. On the one hand, the exhibited works present the topic as a current issue in contemporary art and while also documenting strategies of creative protest. 

Private View



“Private View”

site specific intervention, part of the solo exhibition “I look at them They look back at me” – Skopje, 2019

“The exhibition extends outside, to the Studio’s terrace, with a site-specific intervention – a writing that becomes a traffic sign that draws the visitors’ attention on the landscape as an infinite borderline of the exhibition. It recalls the temporary exclusivity of the view when visiting the exhibition. Instantly, the writing speculates on spatial belongings. And with this, the audience is guided, through their interaction with the works, to re-think the wider concept of private vs. public. Where is the limit to our possession? Whose private view are we part of?”



Cartoon Movies


This work is inspired from the old Albanian movies, which may be considered as the only uncontested echo of communism into our daily life. Today, they lost their ideological incantation, turning to be a source of nostalgia, or some kind of reference to reconsider our current system.  Being an amateur of the vast collection of old Albanian movies, I began to photograph my TV screen, so I could take out and collect different characters, objects and scenes. Then I started to create another “scenarios” by engaging old cinematography to current media affairs. This juxtaposition is somehow similar to the way we daily receive all sorts of  information when using a remote control.