In a conversation with Ilija Prokopiev



A conversation by Ilija Prokopiev with Ledia Kostandini a result of an e-mail correspondence in the period of July, 2019, right after the opening of her exhibition I look at them, they look back at me at PrivatePrint studio.  Link

Falling Blocks


L.Kostandini 100km art (6)

“Falling Blocks” is a site specific intervention installed near Laç. It was presented as a part of Tirana Art Lab’s project “100 km Art”. The artist is symbolically reconstructing an existing never-ending building. She adapts her colourful sketchy-style pieces (columns, stairs, rods) to the bare surface of concrete columns.

L.Kostandini 100km art (8)

Click here for more information about “100 KM ART” project.

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