Building our nation


Building our nation,exhibition view

In “Building our nation”, Kostandini’s subject is the moving image as
carrier and diffuser of ideologies and propaganda. In a playful way she juxtaposes black and white images of characters from the propaganda films during communist period
in Albania with colorful backgrounds of Hollywood films or images borrowed from the incessant flow of local media. Each painting contains also a soundtrack, consisting of bits
of audio pertaining to the films or the news chronicles from which the images have been borrowed. By installing all the audio players in the same place the viewer is challenged
to identify the image/audio combination as well as conceive of his/her own reading of the works. The installation problematises the role of images in a media dominated
society, hinting on the similarities of their use for propagandistic or ideological ends, either from the former communist nomenclature, or from today’s neoliberal free market,
and profit driven corrupted governments.

text by Edi Muka

Towards Europe


Images of leaders and heroes, worshiped myths, which have always been the means for communicating power and idealism, deeply inspiring for many people. I’m interested on the communicative power of these images that use to persecute our history. I try to continue this communication by reintroducing to the young generation our past, which apparently seems forgotten or wiped away. The result is a visual approach that provokes analogy.

“Towards Europe” – the locomotiveTowards Europe

“New Victories” #1New victories #1

“New victories” #2New victories # 2

“Freedom 2010”freedom 2010

“Joyful, joyful! We adore thee!”Joyful, joyful, we adore thee!2