My works make reference to social transformations, the inherited or lost culture. As well, I aim on contemporary habits by associating them to archaic, obsolete objects, places or venues. “Identity on transition” is my focal subject. I use parallelism, comparison, juxtapositions in order to reveal paradoxical situations. I try to provoke ambiguous emotions, mingling imagination, curiosity and humor. Often I use my artwork as an instrument to go back and forward in time. I turn memories and present experiences into a pathway to certain conclusions. Recalling the collective memory is an invitation to the re-evaluation of past and present issues.
My interest on tradition and transition has led me to wide-ranging technical solutions. I have a special interest on ready-made objects, as well as on handcrafts and patchwork.
Please, contact lediakostandini1@gmail.com , for the artist’s biography.

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